Set sail every day,
all year round to Molène

Harbour stations

To get to Molène, we offer departures from Brest and Le Conquet every day all year round and from Camaret from April to September.

Remember to arrive at least 45 minutes before the boat sets sail to allow you time to get parked and why not have a tea or coffee before your departure !

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Departure from Brest

We offer daily departures, all year round to Molène at 8:20 am, from the commercial port of Brest.

Crossing normally takes around 1 hour 30 minutes with a stopover at Le Conquet. Molène and Ushant being very close to each other, it is often the same boat that sails to the two islands !

From Brest to Conquet during your crossing, discover the Pointe St Mathieu.

Departure from Le Conquet

We offer daily departures, all year round to Molène at 9:45 am, from Le Conquet.

Crossing normally takes around 30 minutes, this is the shortest crossing we offer !

During your crossing you will be able to admire the pointe de Kermorvan at Le Conquet, and see a couple of islands of Molène’s archipelago (Beniguet, Quéménès, Trielen).
You may also have the chance to see the famous grey seals of the Iroise Sea.

Good to know : the boat leaving Le Conquet at 9:45 am is the same boat that leaves Brest at 8:20 am !

Departure from Camaret

We offer departures to Molène every Friday in July and August

Crossing normally takes 1 hour.