Where can I park
before taking the boat ?

To get to Sein, we offer departures from Audierne all year round and departures from Brest and Camaret in Summer.

Remember to arrive at least 45 minutes before the boat sets sail to allow you time to get parked and why not have a tea or coffee before your departure !

Departure from Audierne

A free parking area is situated near the  Ste Evette harbour station.

In summer, and especially during school holidays, make sure you arrive early enough (45 minutes minimum) prior departure to find a parking space.

When departures are planned at Douarnenez, the parking area near the port is also free.








Departure from Brest

Visiting the islands for the day

  • Parking Parc à Chaînes
    → Situed below Les Rampes, the road leading to the port.  
    Maximum recommended parking time : 1 day. 
    FREE –  317 spaces including 6 reserved for disabled.

PLEASE NOTE : Parking at the Parc à Chaînes can be punctually forbidden during events or shows. We invite you to check the signs on spot before parking your vehicle.

Visiting the islands for a couple of days

  • Parking below the cliff
    → Situated near La Carène. 
     FREE 60 spaces



Before parking your car, we advise you to come and drop your luggage off in front of our Penn Ar Bed harbour station.
We have free parking spaces in front of our harbour station, but spaces are very limited especially in Summer.

PLEASE NOTE : At the commercial port, 130 blue zone spaces are available along the Quai de la Douane. Parking is free and limited to  1 hour.

Departure from Camaret

A free parking area is situated near the harbour station.


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