Visit Sein



Sein island is a unique island at the end of Brittany. Located about 5 km from the Pointe du Raz, it extends about 2 km and winds like an inverted S which width varies from 30 to 500 meters.

Off the western coast, you’ll find Ushant and Molène, rather wild and natural sites, but not as eccentric as the far-flung “Île de Sein”, over an hour’s crossing from Audierne. The main delight for visitors making the one-hour boat trip from Audierne is the charming single port-cum-village. This tiny, car-free island is a microcosm of Breton resilience, battered by the elements but still stunning, especially if you have the chance to visit off-season.     

Its exceptional environment and majestic landscapes have earned it the honor of being ranked among the “most beautiful villages in France”.          

The place may look very quaint, but life here hasn’t always been rosy. The village’s Ecomusée-Musée du Souvenir recalls both island traditions and torrid times, like in the 19th Century when the swelling sea seemed ready to swallow up the little Island. Traditional fishing has dwindled as stocks have diminished and many islanders have left for work on the mainland.