Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Passengers & luggage

  • All luggage must be checked in and weighed at the ticket desk.
  • The allowance is limited to 30 kg per adult passenger or 15 kg per child for hand luggage (suitcase or travel bag).
  • Bicycles, motorcycles, televisions, furniture, miscellaneous parcels, etc. are not considered as baggage and are subject to a specific transport tariff. 

Common provisions

Safety on board

Passengers are under the authority of the Captain onboard the vessel.

They must comply with all regulations and instructions given by Penn Ar Bed, the Captain, or any member of the crew.

Access on board may be refused if the attitude or conduct is not compatible with the safety of other passengers on board the boat.

Passengers should not disturb the tranquility of other passengers and Penn Ar Bed staff.

Intoxicated, violent or unruly passengers will not be let on board.

The transport of weapons of any kind shall be regulated following with the points set out in Freight section.

Unaccompanied children           

Underage passengers must travel under the supervision and responsibility of their parents or a legal guardian. Penn Ar Bed staff may refuse children on board traveling alone who, on the date of crossing, are under 12 years of age. Penn Ar Bed shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage of any nature or cost resulting from the denied boarding of a child under 12 years of age traveling alone.


Any damages to the boat, facilities, other passengers or third parties by a passenger or animals in his / her custody will be his sole responsibility. The passenger shall repair the entirety of the damages found.

Damages – Passengers & personal goods

The liability of the carrier for damages suffered by passengers or their personal belongings during embarkation, disembarkation or crossing operations may be sought only within the limits and conditions laid down by the French laws and decrees governing maritime transport (Law No. 66-420 of June 18th 1966).    Assistance to other ships

The Captain is permitted to tow, assist ships in all situations, divert, rescue or transship any passenger in need. These terms and conditions of carriage apply in the event of an installation or ship replacement to be chartered by Penn Ar Bed to another armament.        

Jurisdiction & Law

Any objection concerning the application of these general terms and conditions of carriage will be directed to the Commercial Court of Brest. French law is the only law applicable.

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