What are the boarding provisions…

For disabled passengers :

Whilst booking, please inform us that you are a disabled passenger, make your assistance request or declare your needs at least 48 hours before your departure so that we can organize your trip in the best way possible. For safety reasons, you will board a classic wheelchair and the “electric” wheelchairs will be craned up. In order to facilitate access on board (access to the elevator…), we invite you to check-in a little bit earlier. Some of our boats have undergone improvements to ensure safe transport (reserved spaces, call button to alert the crew in the case of a problem, wheelchair fastening system). The crew members have also undergone training for better care. An “off-road” wheelchair suitable for hiking disabled passengers is available at Molène’s harbor station.

For pregnant passengers :

After the 6th month of pregnancy, pregnant passengers must have a medical certificate with them to allow them to board. We have all rights to decline boarding to any pregnant passenger that has experienced medical problems. The Captain has all rights to decide whether or not it is safe to board (weather conditions).

For underage passengers :

Underage passengers must travel under the supervision and responsibility of their parents or a legal guardian. Penn Ar Bed staff may refuse children on board traveling alone who, on the date of crossing, are under 12 years of age. Penn Ar Bed shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage of any nature or cost resulting from the denied boarding of a child under 12 years of age traveling alone.